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Firm Overview

The Legal Team You’re Looking For

There are many different reasons why you might need to hire a lawyer to help you through the process of defending yourself or taking another party to court.  If your trouble is that you’re dealing with injuries to your body that you want to have covered by another party, you’ll want to hire a personal injury law firm that can help you through the process.  Whether you need to go to court or find a way to come to a healthy settlement with the other party, you’ll want to have the team of Stern & Stern Law Firm to help you.

The Advice You’re Looking For

If you live in the Freeport, NY area, our team at Stern & Stern is the team you should turn to when you’ve been injured.  Whether your injuries took place during a car accident, a slip and fall, or because of negligence of another party, our team will be able to offer the assistance you need.  Its our job to protect your interests and make sure you have all the information before making important decision about your case so that you can make the best decision for you.

The Service You Expect

When you turn to another person for help, you hope to have a comforting ear to listen to you and a helping hand to make things better.  Its our job to provide the highest level of service to you during your case. Our staff is here to make sure you are represented the right way.  Everything we do is with you in mind and with the goal of making your representation convenient and effective for you. Our team will keep you informed and help you discuss the right strategy to make sure you can proceed.

Breaking the Language Barriers

Because a large part of the population of the Freeport, NY area speaks Spanish as the primary language in the home, we have several Spanish speaking attorneys on staff.  This allows our team to assist more people in the area to receive and make decisions regarding the offers of settlement that you might receive from the offending party. Let our team at Stern & Stern Law Firm get to work for you regardless of if you speak mostly Spanish or if you speak English as your primary language.

We Seek the Greatest Compensation

Visit our team and let our experts get to work to help you have the settlement that offers you the most.  Regardless of the type of claim you have and the amount of damages you’re looking for, we work hard to make sure you receive the decision that you deserve.  Give our team at Stern & Stern a call and begin to work toward a resolution to the injuries that you’ve sustained. Our expert staff can get right to work and make sure you can have the compensation you deserve.