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When you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, including motorcycle accidents, your adrenaline is pumping. You’re concerned about your vehicle, the passengers and your own injuries. However, if you do not take the proper measures at the accident scene, it could have an adverse impact on your case. You should do the following to protect your interests:

  • Call the Police
  • Get other vehicles license plate numbers & insurance information
  • Get the names & phone numbers of witnesses
  • Bus Accident Attorneys
  • If you are injured, seek immediate medical care
  • DO NOT speak to anyone from an insurance company until you have contacted our office

Who will pay for my property damage?
If the other party is 100% at fault, generally you will make a claim against their insurance company. If you have some degree of fault, you may need to go through your own insurance company (if you have collision coverage). You should not let any insurance company inspect your vehicle at your residence or at an auto body shop they recommend. You should contact my office to assist you in making the decision that’s in your best interest.

When you hire the law firm of Stern & Stern, in conjunction with your personal injury claim, your property damage claim will be handled without any legal fee.

Who will pay for my medical bills?
New York State has the “No-Fault” Law.
Once liability is determined, the next step is to find out as much as you can about the dog and the owner, including whether or not the owner has insurance. Types of insurance policies that typically cover dog bites include:

Get the names & phone numbers of witnesses
If you are injured, seek immediate medical care
If you are the driver or passenger in a motor vehicle, the owner of that motor vehicle’s insurance company will pay your medical bills regardless of who is at fault
If you are a pedestrian or bicyclist, the insurance company of the vehicle that struck you will pay your medical bills regardless of fault
If you are on a motorcycle, the “No-Fault” Law does not cover your medical bills

You only have thirty days from the date of accident to file a No-Fault Application with the proper insurance company. By hiring the law firm of Stern & Stern, all of the proper forms will be filed on your behalf and we will make sure all of your medical bills are paid.

How do I know if I have a case?
Two factors that I look at in making my determination are “fault” and “injuries”. If the other party is one hundred percent at fault or mostly at fault, I will then look at your injuries. In order to have a motor vehicle accident case in New York State, you need to have a “serious injury” which is defined by New York State Insurance Law. Certain injuries such as death, dismemberment, disfigurement, fractures and loss of time from work may automatically qualify you as having a serious injury. Most individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents injure their neck, back, knees, shoulders or other parts of their body. In order to determine if you have a case, you need the knowledge of an experienced attorney to provide you with the answers to this question.

How much will it cost me?
Personal injury attorneys all work on a contingency fee basis. This means there is no fee unless you get a recovery. There is never a fee for the initial consultation whether your case is accepted or rejected. All personal injury attorneys work on the same contingency fee basis which is one-third of the recovery. Any expenses incurred during the course of your case are paid for by myself and I get reimbursed for them at the end.


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